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Available Any Day of the Week.

$300 - $1,500 / Day

Miami, FL

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Arrive and Drive rental powerful Race Car!

You don’t have a car but want to go racing or try out a top level race car? Pole Position Motorsports has multiple race cars available for rental with the arrive and drive service built in!

Join us for our track days: for a whole day, you will be sitting behind the steering wheel of our race cars, which are specially designed and prepared to perform on track!
If you are a beginner driver, our coaches are here to teach you the first steps on the track: Seat fitting, explanation of controls, situation awareness. From theory to practice, you will learn the right attitude to have on the track, understand the right lines, the braking points, and understand the car’s behavior. Our professional coaches are experienced pilots who will help you progress quickly and safely.

If you are an experienced driver, our track days are an opportunity to improve your skills and to prepare your participation in GT races.

Do you have your own race car? We will take care of it

Storage, maintenance of your track car, and track support. Pre-track, on-track and post-track services.

What if you arrive on track day and everything is ready for you? You just have to put your helmet on and wait for the green flag.

Unloading the car off of our trailer, setting up your pit area, warming the car up and checking all fluid levels, setting tire pressures, all immediately before the drivers meeting bright and early in the morning. Immediately after each session we will go over your car quickly, check all fluids and check your tire pressures, preparing the car for your next session. We focus on keeping your car ready for the track while you can focus on enjoying your day and making the most out of it.

After the checkered flag, let us make your life easier by getting your vehicle ready again for the street or your next track event.

As a sports car owner and driving enthusiast, don’t miss out the best part… Driving your car fast!