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When it comes to racing simulators, many people automatically think of console games like Need for speed, Forza or Gran Turismo.  But for the more serious real-world driver, there’s a higher level of truly immersive racing simulation.
They are called iRacing, or Assetto Corsa, they are used on powerful computer machines, configured with the best hardware close to that used in real car races in F1 or Indy Car.
But when you say pro tools, you mean pro skills. You’ve got to live up to it!
Racing requires rigour, precision and training for all those wishing to progress.
We are here to help you.


From day one, we wanted to change the way people look at the world of professional simulation.

We have a truely passion for racing, motorsports, technology, and IT engineering. We brought together our racing skills and data analysis, acquired over 15 years on racetracks around the world.

A serious, methodical, and professional team who is dedicated to your future.

We offer individual coaching sessions online. No need to move, you stay connected at home, with your own equipment, and you communicate with our coach during the whole session. This is a perfect chance to get some help with your driving skills from experienced driver. Learn and enjoy in a non-pressured environment to experience proper race-craft

You are a novice beginner, discovering a new passion?

You will learn the basic racing techniques: braking points, trajectories, discovery of circuits and cars. You will follow the instructions of the pro driver, do exercises and apply his racing tips. You will progress as you go along, lap after lap, and thanks to the debriefing sessions between driving phases.

You already have a good experience of the circuit and you want to improve your racing skills? Then the perfecting course is the right one for you! The coach will analyze your racing style, you will see your technique improve from lap to lap. During these sessions, you will tackle many technical points that will allow you to master your car and gain time on tracks.

We adapt ourselves to your organisational constraints and offer you customisation in order to deliver a made-to-measure service.

Your schedule is ours.