TrackBaron Motorsports – Racing School Day 1 Basics

HPDE Instructor

Available Any Day of the Week.

$80 / Day

Athens, GA

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Racing School: Day 1 Basics ($80)

Learn the basics of racing, covering topics such as track etiquette, flags, braking techniques, basic vehicle dynamics, tires, and you will get a chance to sit in an actual race proven car.

This course is designed to get you ready for your first track day! You will receive training materials, a hands on look at a track car, and we can also certify your vehicle with an inspection sheet if you are registered for an upcoming Track Day event, for free.

Taught by an experience instructor that has worked locally in several TrackDay programs all over the United States. He will help you set up your first track day, give you resources to be successful, and can offer to instruct for you at your first event.