Tops Off Adventures – 2023 Rubicon Trail Adventure June 5th-7th

Off-road Instructor

Available Any Day of the Week.

$1,700 / Day

Georgetown, CA

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2023 Rubicon Trail Adventure June 5th through June 7h for 2 Adults

Sale Price:$1,700.00 Original Price:$1,900.00

One of the most iconic trails The Rubicon Trail

Dates are subject to change due to snow and fire closures. We do our best to schedule to meet your needs and ensure everyone can enjoy the trail. We are going during the week to avoid trail traffic.

Tops Off Adventures will take you on this iconic trail so you can just enjoy the views and challenge your off-road driving skills. We have very experienced guides to lead you through the trail and get some fun pictures and videos along the way. All you need to do is bring your tent, sleeping bag and something comfortable to sleep on. First Class all the way!

Breakfast: We meet in Georgetown, CA at a local restaurant for a hearty breakfast and coffee before the trail and meet everyone.

Lunch: On the trail, a selection of grilled ham and cheese or grilled cheese sandwich’s chips, fruit and some cold drinks.

Dinner: at the camp, A selection of Steak grilled just how you like and some great sides to go with it. We will have a selection of frosty beverages and a special desert to enjoy.

Snacks along the trail: A selection of jerky, nuts, and fruit with some cold water and sodas for you to choose from.

Breakfast on the trail: A first class breakfast with Eggs, bacon, sausage, fresh fruit to choose from along with some tortilla’s if you would like that breakfast burrito.

Please explore our adventures page for more details or contact us with any special requests.

We will camp at the dam the first night and then at Rubicon Springs for the 2nd night.

We also will have 2 Kayaks for clients to enjoy getting out on the water if they choose to.