Lets Go! Racing – 2022 Supra A91

Race Car Rental

Available Any Day of the Week.

$1,800 / Day

Summit Point, WV

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1 Day Rental: $1,800 

2 Day Rental: $3,000

3 Day Rental: $4,000

Track Insurance: $300 (up to 3 days)

Estimated Fuel: $100/day subject to fuel cost and use.



Lets GO! Track Days aims to provide a complete Arrive and Drive solution with our wide variety of track prepped cars. The name says it all, let us take all of the guess work out of getting you on track – you arrive, strap on your helmet and drive!



  • Our cars will be track prepped meaning you will have the grip, brakes, cooling, and confidence to drive the car for full sessions
  • Lunch, Dinner, Post-track day adult beverages with the Lets GO! Racing team
  • Up to 2 drivers per rental, must alternate within same run group
  • Lets GO! Racing Swag – tshirt, decals, etc
  • Lets GO! Racing driver instruction, tips, tricks (based on availability)
  • Exclusive discounts on purchases of parts through our sister company, Lets GO! Fast Parts
  • Photos/videos of you on track in our cars! (based on availability)




  • Track Insurance – this is a requirement for all rentals, prices may vary depending on which provider you choose, we try to give you an estimate below by car. The good news is that this is a one time fee that will cover you for the day or weekend! Including 2nd drivers that are sharing the same car (additional rental fees apply)
  • Guaranteed Registration Slot – securing a spot on the driver’s list for the  track day organization is fully your responsibility. Without a spot on the list, we can’t get you on track!
  • Fuel Cost – Your car will start out with a full tank of fuel. Fuel will be paid and supplied by you throughout the rental and is required to be returned full
  • Helmet and Safety Gear – We ALWAYS encourage maximum safety, if you have a fire suit, motorsports balaclava, gloves, shoes, etc, please bring them! Spare helmets are available, but first come first serve, we will require you to wear a fire-proof balacava, supplied by us, if you borrow one of our helmets



YOU TELL US! While we are based out of Summit Point Motorsport Park, West Virginia, our fleet can travel just about anywhere. Any tracks outside of a 3-4 hour one-way drive, please inquire within. We are very flexible however given the current climate with fuel costs, we do need to make good business decisions!


Our pricing strategy is very simple and discounts are built based off of 3 things


  1. Multi-day discount: rentals begin with a 1-day base rate, at 2 days knock 10% off, at 3 days knock 15% off – anything more than 3 days, please reach out!
  2. Multi-car discount: while not described below, we will do our best to further discount the program. Often inquired with corporate outings or team building weekends!
  3. Rent at Summit Point Motorsports Park: Plain and simple, you come to our home town track, we will make sure you’re taken care of. Make sure you mention this discount when inquiring!



What if I’m a solo driver and an organization offers a full day of open track. Can I track the cars for 8 hours?

No – our pricing below represents a standard HPDE based organization where drivers have anywhere from 75 – 90 minutes on track per day. Fully understanding this varies by organization. If you are interested in renting our cars for more open style lapping days – please inquire within, we want to work with you but there will be some limitations. We do not dictate nor can we guarantee your on-track time, however we are not renting out endurance cars for the prices below!

Do I turn Traction Control off or leave it on?

Depends on the cars – some cars you will have the best experience with it off or in “sport mode”. Traction control on makes the car very unpredictable as the car likely will engage rear brakes randomly as it thinks the car is in a spin. We will make sure you know what buttons to press!

What if go off and damage the car but not enough to file an insurance claim?

Any damages done to the car that isn’t deemed a consumable or “track wear and tear” will fully be your responsibility – as signed on the rental agreement.

Why are your rentals so expensive? I can rent a car at Hertz for a fraction of the cost!

We prep our cars with proper track-grade consumables (tires, brakes, etc) – these consumables are designed to give you the best experience on track however the trade off is that they are pricey and do not last long! Most cars directly off the show room floor, or from a rental agency are not prepped for track use and can actually be dangerous if driven on track