Exotics Racing – Ferrari 488 Challenge EVO

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“Enjoy the sonorous wail of the latest Ferrari: the 488 GTB”.

The Ferrari 488 Challenge is possibly the best track-day car this legendary company ever produced. However, those words have special meaning when you know that Ferrari is a company built on a race track experience and relentless quest for speed. Have that in mind when you sit behind the wheel of the 488 Challenge and see what decades of international racing, thousands of pole positions, and championship titles have produced. Absolute racing perfection. And it is in your hands.

The 488 Challenge is based on the road-going model, but similarities end there. This is a highly-strung track monster with a unique body kit, tuned 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 with 670 hp, incredibly fast gearbox, full aerodynamic package, and immensely powerful brakes. You will need them since the car is so much quicker and more capable than any road-going Ferrari you might have experienced.