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Often described as a natural, but now with over 15 years in the sport, Chris has built a strong reputation as a good driving coach, in and out of the car. He is also known for being able to drive any car well and fast, in addition to setting it up well so that others can do the same. In the last few years, while accumulating several thousand laps of race driving of his own, he has worked with several endurance racing teams, improving their performance from stem to stern and helping them collect many trophies, even a Series Championship, all while having an enjoyable experience. Chris has worked for and learned from his success every step of the way and plans to continue his rise in Motorsports while elevating and supporting those around him along the way. Based at New Jersey Motorsports Park, Chris is literally the hometown coach and the go to guy for driver development at NJMP.

“Drawing on lessons learned from my multi series winning and record setting success, but remembering my racing school roots, I work with drivers of all skill and experience levels to improve their on track comfort, safety and performance. There is much more to driving well on track than just the lap time. I work on the whole process, even the preparation and recovery, as well as the whole package, putting my mechanical, setup, suspension tuning and data system experience to work for your car. To safely accomplish your on track goals while having an enjoyable experience, reach to discuss or book an event with me today!” ~Chris


Coaching experiences will be custom tailored to meet your needs and goals and will include such things as, but not limited to;

– Pre-event communication and notes

– Development of a goal oriented program

– Pre and post session breakdowns

– White board sessions, review and practice of high performance driving fundamentals

– Data and/or video session review using client owned or provided systems.

– In car right and left seat coaching, utilizing a rally style intercom for clear, reliable effortless communication. Helmet coms provided if needed.

– Live race or session coaching and spotting via radio.

– Car setup and suspension tuning based on driver feedback and data gathered.

– Per session recording of tire temps and pressures

– Optimization of the onboard data systems

– Ending each session and day with a smile on your face

– A detailed review of the day, with things to study and focus on for your next event

**Please reach out to discuss logistics before booking for any event not at NJMP.**


Available Any Day of the Week