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Chino. CA

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WRTeknica is a performance/motorsports-oriented shop. We focus on improving performance street cars and racecars so their owners can reach their maximum potential. Our specialties include suspension tuning, track set up, track-side support, and chassis development. In short we are really good at making cars go faster and handle better.

Originally founded to run our own racecars, eventually our winning record led people to come to us to improve their cars. Following a year of on-track car and customer development, we decided to officially open a business, extending our years and expertise to the public.

Advanced Chassis Development

With over 16 years in the motorsport industry, we know what it takes to extract the most out of your vehicle’s suspension dynamics through advanced data analysis and geometry validation.

– Corner Balance & Alignment
– Chassis Tuning & Setup
– Damper Tuning
– Geometry Analysis
– Data Gathering/Track Testing
– Bump-steer Correction
– Proprietary Setup Consulting

Parts Installation

From coil-overs to brake kit installations, we pride ourselves on professional-grade service that ensures performance parts work as they intend to on your vehicle. We ensure to provide your vehicle with the best parts in the business in each respective category.