Stephen Kelly

Race InternRace Preparation/MaintenanceSpotter

Available Upon Request with Notice

TBD Upon Services/Volunteer

Hicksville, New York, USA

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Meet Stephen Kelly, a passionate software engineer and custom software builder with a deep love for motorsports. With a background in race internships, spotting, and race preparation maintenance, Stephen is eager to bring his technical expertise to the heart of the action on the track.

Stephen’s experience as a software engineer uniquely positions him to contribute valuable insights to the world of motorsports. His skills in custom software development make him a valuable asset, and he is keen on leveraging his knowledge to enhance the efficiency and performance of racing teams.

Driven by a genuine enthusiasm for motorsports, Stephen is not just seeking a job but is excited about the prospect of volunteering and immersing himself in the dynamic world of racing. His goal is to gain hands-on experience, learn from the professionals, and actively contribute to the success of motorsport events.

If you’re looking for a dedicated individual who combines technical prowess with a genuine passion for motorsports, Stephen Kelly is ready to hit the track and make a meaningful impact.