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Do It Yourself Auto Center in Melbourne, FL

SoloTech Autoworks is a Do It Yourself Auto Center in Melbourne, FL where our customers are the technicians. We rent service bays by the hour with state-of-the-art vehicle lifts and a full assortment of tools to work on any automotive project our customers can dream of.

Our shop is always kept clean and organized to make it a great atmosphere for wrenching on any and all projects. Stop crawling around your driveway and hassling with jacks and stands; Come rent a service bay with lift at SoloTech AutoWorks Today!

You’re telling me I need to work on my own vehicle?

Yup, that’s the idea. If you like wrenching, this is the place for you. If you like paying grease monkeys, we can recommend one of the full service auto centers in the area.

I don’t know how to operate a lift / I am nervous to lift my vehicle, can you help?

Absolutely! At SoloTech customers dont have to worry about operating the lift. In fact, we dont let customers operate the lifts so everyone stays safe. A certified lift operator will raise and lower your vehicle for you, and adjust the height of the vehicle during your rental whenever needed.

What’s included in the rental price?

  • Access to your own service bay with a two post lift

  • Full set of hand tools including sockets, wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, hammers, and more

  • Rolling tool chest so your tools can be close by

  • Large work surface for breaking down parts removed from the vehicle

  • Large selection of shared and specialty tools, including but not limited to, transmission jacks, oil drains, jacks and stands, compressed air, diagnostics tools, and more.

What do I need to rent a bay?

Money, that’s it. OK kidding aside, you need to be 18 years of age or older, valid drivers license, proof of current auto insurance which meets Florda state minimums, and liability waiver read and signed. No one under the age of 12 is allowed on the shop floor unless special permission is granted. Closed toe shoes are required, safety glasses are recommended.

Are there any restrictions to what I can do?

SoloTech doesn’t have an alignment rack, tire machines or balancers, or welding capabilities. We are going to continue to evaluate these in the future, but for now we have established relationships with local businesses to help out customers who need these services, so let us know if you need help with any of these and we can get you set up.

What if my project takes longer than I planned?

We’ve all been there before. Don’t stress, SoloTech will help you out and we will extend your lift rental and work around the other appointments made in the shop. We can move around other incoming customers to our other service bays to make sure everyone has the time they need to get their projects completed.

Let’s talk brass tacks, what’s this really going to cost? Can I get a discount?

Check out our pricing page for details but here’s the basics. $35 and hour for the bay rental. More than 4 hours you get 10% off, more than 8 Hours you get 20% off. If you need a long term rental, we will work a specific deal with you based on your time. There is also a shop fee on all rentals no matter the duration of $10 which covers consumables, shop towels, etc. Discounts are available for military, first responders, and teachers.