Charles Banks of Silver Tsunami Unlimited

HPDE InstructorRace Car Rental

Available any day of the week.

$400 - $1,500 / Day

Burlington, NC

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Charles Banks of Silver Tsunami Unlimited offering Coaching/HPDE Instruction/Race Car Rental. Serving East Coast, Mid Atlantic, Southeast Region, and Florida.

As a Driver Coach, I offer an insight into speed using an effective and analytical method.  With over 40 years of racing competition in many forms, from Road Racing, Endurance Horse Racing, Motocross, and Motorcycle Track Days. My racing experience is complemented by more than 17 years as an Instructor and Coach. Holding current Motorsport Safety Foundation (MSF) Certified Level 2 Instructor.  Currently, I am racing in the SARRC series ITA Class with a 1994 Miata.

We have adopted a GPS-based video and data logging system to measure, evaluate, and help craft a successful strategy to help drivers immediately go faster whether it is Road Racing, HPDE, or a Track Day. We offer Lead Follow Coaching at VIR, Summit Point WV, Roebling Road GA, Road Atlanta, and many tracks throughout North Carolina for a $1.00 per mile travel fee. Based in Burlington NC.

Race Car Rental is also offered with a Coaching Option for getting your SCCA Competition  License in an Arrive and Drive scenario. We make sure you are prepped and ready for your race school, video review between sessions, a nice lunch, and a Healthy diner meal. Everything including food will be tailored to your needs.