Sam Brown

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Southport, CT

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Sam has been based for a long time in Connecticut and currently resides in Southport, CT. Started in Formula B in 1967, before he moved to Frank Williams’ Formula 3 team in 1968 and later drove for the team in Formula 2. Best known for sportscar racing, which he continued to race in the US, until 1990, on a regular basis, although he did his last race in 2000 at Lime Rock in a Riley and Scott Mk III Ford, a car that Sam says was his favorite car to drive. Now runs an investment company. Sam previously ran a telecommunications company, selling it in 1992. Two years later he came extremely close to taking over the ailing Team Lotus Formula 1 team, having been an enthusiast of the marque since driving one of the Lotus Formula C cars in the 1960s. Sam recently bought a vodka distillery in New Zealand called Broken Shed and is exporting it to other countries.

¬†Significant interest in motorsports. Hasn’t raced since 2000 and is 80 years old but still interested.¬† Raced in Daytona 1971 and finished 12th.