Robert David Hill

FabricatorMechanicRace Preparation/Maintenance

Available Any Day of the Week.

$300 - $1,500 / Day

Vero Beach, FL

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Mechanic and works with a fabricator. Vast experience with building hotrods & own cars. Work with track days at COTA. Hotrodder who is currently building a 343 duster car. 1h45mins from Sebring & close to Daytona. Works w air pressure gauges, diff gauges, helper, and pit crew. Not very familiar w modern exotic cars. Can do tire temps, cambers, and weight scales, swapping wheels/tires. Likes to be familiar w his machinery. Worked as a track official at 2 diff drag strips, did tech, gate codes, roll cage/seat mountings, safety equipment, and fuel systems. Type A personality. Oval track & drag experience. Not impressed by $… Daily drives a 72 valiant. Old school Mopar guy. Knows 60s cars, live axles, bump steer, castor & camber. 56yo. Over 40 years of being a hotrodder, superstock, ASA, Busch races, working on car/pit stops, working as tech official, babysitter, timing, track official/security guard.