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I have been involved with racing since 1994 and I raced open wheel cars for 17 years.  I have also been an instructor/driver coach for almost 20 years. Since I’m very analytical, I started using data to improve my driving as soon as it started to become obvious that the use of data can be a competitive advantage. I have been going down the data rabbit hole for many years now and when I realized that I have much to offer regarding using data analysis and driver coaching, I started Precision Driving Analytics (PDA) in 2015.

I’m now a professional Data/Race Engineer and Driver Coach.   I have helped many drivers take seconds off of their lap times.  I always use data and/or video to help the driver perfect their driving techniques and to help the engineers give the driver the best setup for them. But one thing that I have learned as a Driver Coach is that sometimes the psychology behind being a good race car driver plays just as much of a role so I’m always thinking in terms of what the driver is experiencing when reviewing data and video.

Whenever I use data, I always go much further than my clients expect, and I show them how to get more out of their data than they thought was possible. They are always surprised about how quickly and efficiently the data can be utilized. There are so many different ways to look at data other than squiggly lines and this helps my clients understand the data better.

I help Race Car drivers, HPDE drivers, and SIM racers go faster! I look forward to hearing from you!