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Peter Krause (Pro Coach)

Peter Krause provides private, professional analysis and performance optimization for track day, club and entry level professional racing sports car drivers throughout North America.

An early adopter of GPS-based video and data logging systems, Krause has pioneered the application of this technology to advance driver performance in club-level and historic drivers for more than two decades.

A multi-time championship-winning racing driver, award-winning mechanic and automotive historian, Krause can communicate effectively both the psychology AND methodology of “going fast.”

Krause uses GPS derived data and HD video tools to measure, evaluate and help craft objectively derived, successful strategies for drivers to go immediately faster, without raising the client’s risk exposure.

Krause is a leader among professional racing coaches and high performance driving instructors who provide data-driven, objective measures of his client’s performance, as well as validate their improvement.

Specialties: Individual and privately tailored analysis and optimization programs for sports car drivers and racers at Virginia International Raceway.


Available Any Day of the Week

$1,800 / Day

East Coast, USA

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