Pedro Leon

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Houston, Texas, USA

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Pedro Leon is a versatile professional with a diverse skill set that spans the realm of motorsports. As a seasoned technician, Pedro has honed his expertise through specialized training in automotive machinistry, with a focus on cylinder heads and engine blocks. His technical background extends beyond traditional boundaries, as he is not only adept at simulator training but also excels as a data analyst, mechanic, and in race preparation and maintenance.

Pedro’s passion for racing goes beyond the workshop, as he actively participates in track events and has a notable background in drag racing. His hands-on experience provides him with a unique perspective as he approaches challenges from a technician’s standpoint. Pedro is based in Houston, TX, and is keen on leveraging his skills to collaborate with racing teams, offering his support in various capacities.

In addition to his mechanical prowess, Pedro is well-versed in the intricacies of suspension setup, including camber and caster adjustments. His knowledge extends to the domain of racing engineering, where he excels in optimizing performance through a deep understanding of thermodynamics, engines, and oils. Pedro’s proficiency also extends to the virtual realm, where he builds his own computers for sim racing, particularly in i-racing.

Beyond technical expertise, Pedro brings a client-focused approach to his work, eagerly anticipating opportunities to engage with clients and translate his passion into tangible results. His enthusiasm for delving into the business of motorsports reflects not only a job but a true calling. If you are seeking a dedicated and skilled professional with a comprehensive background in the automotive and racing industry, Pedro Leon is poised to make things happen.