Patrick Joseph Christie

Crew ChiefHPDE InstructorMechanicRace Preparation/Maintenance

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California, United States

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Meet Patrick Joseph Christie, a versatile and highly skilled automotive professional rooted in the vibrant racing culture of California. Patrick’s diverse skill set encompasses roles as a mechanic, race preparation and maintenance specialist, crew chief, and HDPE instructor, making him a go-to expert for comprehensive automotive solutions. With an extensive background shaped by a lifelong involvement in racing, Patrick brings a wealth of experience to the table, having worked for industry giants such as Firestone and Trick Racing Gasoline.

Patrick’s passion for racing is deeply embedded in his family history, with an Indy racer uncle and another uncle playing pivotal roles in the racing scene. Patrick himself has actively contributed to various facets of racing, from drag races to engine building for boat racing. Notably, he marked a significant milestone by participating in his first 500-mile race under the guidance of his experienced uncle. Adding a familial touch to his racing endeavors, Patrick collaborates with his nephew, Cody Demster, enhancing the team dynamic in their shared pursuit of excellence on the track. Patrick Joseph Christie stands as a seasoned professional, bringing a unique blend of expertise and familial tradition to the dynamic automotive landscape of California.