Nicholas Thomas


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$125 - $300 / Day

New Jersey, USA

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Hello, and welcome! I first wanted to say thank you for taking the time to check out my work and getting to know me! It’s only fair that if you’re looking to invest in me to capture your on-track car images, headshots, weddings or engagements, you know exactly who you’re putting your faith in.

Let me start by saying I have trouble sitting still. Maybe it’s the ADHD, but the end result is that I’m a self-proclaimed elder emo goofball with too many hobbies. In a nutshell, I’m a drummer, automotive and motorcycle dork, a sucker for Sci-Fi, and a devoted dog dad. To keep things from getting too long-winded (I can talk at length about all of these things), I’ll hit you with some fun facts for each of these topics:

  • I first learned the drums playing Rock Band for Xbox. Really, it’s great for learning the basics, though I’m probably awful at the game now, and not much better at actual music.

  • Cars are one of the reasons I got into photography. I got hooked on Top gear in high school and wanted to be the next Jeremy Clarkson or at least work for one of the major publications as a photographer. I actually started in that direction by spending 2017 through early 2023 as Mishimoto Automotive’s R&D Content Creator. Check out my automotive photography and work with Mishimoto

  • I’ve only been a biker since 2020, but it’s already taken over my life. My first bike was a 1981 Honda CX500 that’s currently going through a cafe racer build.

  • My current Sci-Fi obsession is The Expanse book series.

  • My fur baby’s name is Kezzy, aka Kezzandra, aka Kezz Bone. She’s a pit/husky/lab mix but a purebred sweetheart. She has her own Instagram. (@Kezz_bone)


Track day photography – $300
BTS Build content – Price dependent on the project
Vehicle Portraits – $150
Driver Headshots – $125