Moses Lopez

Race InternRace Preparation/MaintenanceSpotterTrack-side Support

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Corona, California, USA

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Moses Lopez is an enthusiastic individual looking to kickstart his career in the racing industry. With a diverse set of roles including flagman, spotter, race prep maintenance, and race intern, Moses is a beginner eager to gain hands-on experience and training. His passion lies in trackside support, where he aspires to contribute to the adrenaline-pumping atmosphere of the race environment.

Hailing from Corona, CA, near Riverside, Moses is ideally situated in a region known for its racing scene. Despite being in the early stages of his journey, Moses is determined to learn and grow, showcasing a strong desire to step onto the track and actively participate in race-related tasks. His dedication and eagerness make him a promising candidate for anyone seeking a motivated individual to join their racing team.