Mike Miller

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Available Any Day of the Week with Notice.


Danville, VA

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I want to get involved experience-wise with any kind of track position. I have 30 years of experience in Communications and have found a passion to be involved in all endurance racing for most of my life. I plan on retiring in a few years, but I still want to continue to be involved in the endurance racing community with organizations such as IMSA, SVRA, SCCA, and NASA.

I will be available to do anything around the track, especially as a spotter or Marshall, flagging, communications, and as a Data Analyst – auditing, statistics, and gathering points for drivers. To all concerned parties please contact me with any and all race events and any special events NATIONWIDE to see what opportunities are available.

My Experience is as follows: prior ASE-certified Mechanic, 30+ years of Community Involvement with Endurance racing. I have many acquaintances and friends who are world-class drivers and team owners such as Jordan Taylor, Andy Lally, and Patrick Long to name a few. I’m also a close friend of a major team owner- Darren Law with Flying Lizard Motorsports. He can vouch for my participation in the community. I have been a flagger at VIR and also have experience as a personal transportation driver. Also, I failed to mention that I have an Engineering degree from Texas A&M, which qualifies me to audit endpoints and statistics for drivers. I am available to travel Nationwide as I previously mentioned. Please contact me with any and all availabilities.


Within 25 miles of Danville does not need room or board.

For travel over 100 miles – needs room & board plus travel.