Mark Milton

Drone PilotPhotographerVideographer

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Alabama, USA

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Mark Milton, based in the vibrant state of Alabama, is a versatile visual artist offering a range of expertise as a photographer, videographer, and accomplished drone pilot. Mark has seamlessly integrated his passion for visual storytelling into his professional endeavors, initially starting as a side hustle photographer capturing the essence of real estate through both traditional and drone photography. His keen eye for composition and mastery of drone technology quickly transformed this side gig into a flourishing drone business, solidifying his position as a skilled aerial specialist.

Mark’s commitment to delivering captivating visual content extends beyond mere professionalism; it embodies a genuine love for the craft. Whether skillfully maneuvering a drone to capture breathtaking aerial perspectives or expertly framing shots as a photographer and videographer, Mark’s work reflects his dedication to producing high-quality, immersive visuals. Based in Alabama, he is ready to bring his dynamic skill set to a diverse range of projects, offering a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise to elevate visual storytelling to new heights.