Mark Brown

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Connecticut, USA

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Mark Brown, based in Connecticut, is a passionate individual eager to enhance his involvement in motorsports by offering his expertise in corner working, track marshaling, and spotting. With a profound desire to contribute actively to the racing community, Mark brings valuable hands-on experience to the table, having already immersed himself in these roles. His dedication to the craft is evident through his proven track record, making him an ideal candidate for those seeking a reliable professional for corner working, ensuring the smooth flow of races, meticulous track marshaling for enhanced safety, and keen spotting to guide drivers effectively.

Mark’s enthusiasm for motorsports extends beyond a mere job; it reflects a genuine love for the sport and a commitment to fostering a secure and efficient racing environment. His skills, coupled with a location in Connecticut, make Mark a valuable asset for those looking to elevate their racing events with a seasoned professional who is not only experienced but also deeply passionate about the dynamic world of motorsports.