Mark Bennett


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York PA

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I’ve been an amateur photographer since I was a kid. Starting with the old Kodak Instamatics. I joined the Navy in 1984, and bought my first real film SLR in a Pentax K1000 and then a Pentax A3000 (which I still have). I served in the Navy for 21 years, but it wasn’t until 2009, I got my first Nikon DSLR, which I took with me to Kenya for work, and some safari fun. I went back to Kenya several more times, as well as visiting several other wonderful spots around the world – even spending 3 months in Europe. Over time, I have upgraded and now have a higher end Nikon – D850. For the last 5 or so years, I’ve worked at become better and a more rounded Photographer shooting sports, action, nature, wildlife, landscape, and I’ve occasionally photographed individuals as well. Whatever I shoot, I do my best to get the best possible picture