Lloyd Roe

PhotographerRace InternRace Preparation/MaintenanceSimulator TrainingSpotter

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Riverside, California, USA

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Lloyd Roe is a passionate individual with a diverse skill set and a deep love for motorsports. As a seasoned photographer, race intern, spotter, and pit crew enthusiast, Lloyd brings a unique blend of skills to the track. Despite not having prior professional experience in motorsports, his avid appreciation for racing makes him a dedicated and enthusiastic candidate for any position.

Lloyd is well-versed in race prep maintenance and transportation logistics, showcasing his commitment to ensuring the smooth operation of race events. Additionally, he possesses simulator training skills, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of both the physical and virtual aspects of racing.

Based in Riverside, CA, Lloyd is actively seeking opportunities to embark on a fulfilling career path in motorsports. His strong desire to work with race teams and his willingness to take on any role at the track underscore his dedication to making a mark in the industry. With a CDL and other big rig licenses in his possession, Lloyd is not only passionate but also equipped with the necessary credentials to contribute effectively to the world of motorsports.

Beyond his professional aspirations, Lloyd’s genuine fondness for motorsports, coupled with his appreciation for watches and love for all types of racing, make him a well-rounded and valuable asset to any team. Whether capturing thrilling moments through his lens or actively participating in sim racing, Lloyd Roe is poised to bring his unique energy and skills to the dynamic world of motorsports.