Kevin Rogers

HPDE InstructorMechanicTrack-side Support

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Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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Kevin Rogers is a seasoned professional in the motorsports industry, specializing in trackside support, mechanics, and High-Performance Driver Education (HPDE) instruction. With a rich background dating back to 2005, Kevin has amassed valuable experience as a motorsports mechanic and instructor.

His expertise lies in HPDE instruction, where he excels in providing guidance and training to drivers seeking to enhance their skills on the track. Kevin’s home track is Road Atlanta, but his passion for motorsports knows no bounds, and he is eager to contribute his skills and knowledge anywhere in the southeast.

Currently experiencing a lull in work, Kevin is motivated and actively seeking opportunities to immerse himself in the world of motorsports. His dedication to hard work and a desire to be actively involved in track activities make him an ideal candidate for any motorsports-related role.

Based in Atlanta, GA, Kevin is ideally situated to contribute his talents to events and tracks throughout the southeast. Whether it’s offering trackside support, showcasing his mechanical prowess, or providing top-notch HPDE instruction, Kevin Rogers is ready to bring his expertise to the forefront of the motorsports scene.