Juan Hernandez

Crew ChiefMechanicRace Preparation/MaintenanceTrack-side Support

Available any day of the week with 2 weeks notice.

$400 + Travel expense

Miami, FL, USA

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Juan Hernandez, based in Miami, FL, is a highly motivated and adaptable professional with a diverse background in the world of motorsports. With a strong work ethic, adaptability, and exceptional interpersonal skills, Juan Luis is well-equipped to tackle new challenges and excel in dynamic environments. His proficiency in technical reporting, project planning, working under pressure, teamwork, and following orders reflects a well-rounded skill set crucial for success in the motorsports industry.

As a Technical Director at Formula SAE Unimet Venezuela in Caracas, Venezuela, Juan Luis played a pivotal role in developing and implementing technical strategies for prototype car production. His experience as a Crew Chief at TLM in Miami, FL, involved supervising crew members, enhancing production efficiency through engineering strategies, and contributing to the design and testing of mechanical components. Notably, Juan Luis actively participated in various race series, showcasing his diagnostic and hands-on skills, including Formula SAE Michigan, FARA, and International GT, among others.

Juan Luis’s motorsports journey continued with roles at Mr. Tunning in Miami, FL, where he further demonstrated his mechanical prowess and organizational skills. From working as a Fire Guy – Mechanical at G.M.G. Racing in Indianapolis, IN, to contributing as a Mechanical at Ferrari of Miami in Florida, Juan Luis’s dedication to the industry is evident. His educational background in Engineering Mechanics from UNIMET in Caracas, Venezuela, coupled with bilingual proficiency in English and Spanish, solidifies Juan Luis Hernandez Proto as a valuable asset and a versatile professional in the motorsports community.