Jordan Best (JBFS Racing)

Pro Coach

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$500 / Day

Raleigh, NC

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Started tracking in ‘07, mostly VIR, and became an Instructor 10 years later in 2017 with multiple Organizers (ReZoom, TrackDaze, THSCC, Triad, etc) and attended Instructor School with NASA-MA for my Certification. MSF Level 1 in progress. Attended events at many tracks across US (COTA, NCM, CMP, RA, AMP, VIR, NCCAR, etc) but my home track is VIR where I’m also a Club Member. I’ve run all configurations and countless full laps over the past 10+ years. HPDE has been my main focus, but also a part of a Lemons Team for Wheel-to-Wheel Experience in a Spec e30.