John Deibel

Crew ChiefHPDE InstructorMotorcycle InstructorPro CoachRace EngineerRace OfficialRace Preparation/MaintenanceSpotterTrack-side Support

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Tampa, Florida, USA

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John Deibel is a seasoned racing professional with a wealth of experience and expertise in various roles within the motorsports industry. With a background spanning over 20 years, he has excelled in diverse positions such as a tech inspector, race prep and maintenance, spotter, trackside support, crew chief, HPDE (High-Performance Driver Education) instructor, motorcycle instructor, mechanic, pro coach, race engineer, and race official.

John’s racing journey includes participation in NASCAR and dirt track events, particularly in the vicinity of iconic tracks like Sebring and Daytona. His extensive racing career, both with cars and motorcycles, has provided him with an in-depth understanding of the racing environment. Having spent numerous years behind the wheel, John’s perspective is enriched by hands-on experience, although he acknowledges the physical toll, having encountered multiple concussions.

A true enthusiast, John has raced on various tracks across different locations, showcasing his versatility and adaptability. His expertise extends to the engineering realm, having built over 100 transmissions—a testament to his technical proficiency. While residing in Mooresville, NC, known as NASCAR heaven, he immersed himself in the heart of racing culture.

Now at the age of 56, John is eager to continue his involvement in motorsports, albeit in a different capacity. His goal is to contribute his wealth of knowledge and skills at a higher level than what many are accustomed to. As an engineer by trade, John brings a unique blend of technical prowess and racing passion, making him a highly qualified and fluent provider in the world of motorsports. Whether it’s imparting coaching, managing race teams, or lending his engineering expertise, John Deibel is poised to make a significant impact wherever he chooses to apply his skills on the track.