Jim Mason

Race InternSpotterTrack-side Support

Available any day of the week with 2 weeks notice.


Everett, Massachusetts, USA

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Jim Mason is a passionate individual based in Everett, Mass, eager to immerse himself in the thrilling world of motorsports. Jim, with an ardent desire to gain hands-on experience, offers his services as a dedicated volunteer in trackside support, spotting, and various race intern roles. Despite being on SSDI and constrained by income limitations, Jim’s commitment to the racing community is unwavering, fueled by a genuine enthusiasm to contribute his skills and learn the ropes of trackside operations.

Jim’s willingness to volunteer stems from a deep-seated love for motorsports and a keen interest in honing his abilities on the track. His desire to be actively involved in spotting and trackside support showcases not only his dedication but also his eagerness to absorb knowledge and gain valuable experience. Located in Everett, Mass, Jim Mason is ready to bring his passion and volunteer spirit to the racing world, making a positive impact and contributing to the excitement of the trackside atmosphere.