Jim Locke

Crew ChiefMechanicRace Preparation/MaintenanceRace RecoverySpotterTrack-side Support

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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Meet Jim Locke, a seasoned professional in the world of motorsports with a passion for precision and speed. With over 44 years of experience, Jim has immersed himself in various roles within the racing community, showcasing his expertise as a mechanic, trackside support specialist, crew chief, chief mechanic, and team manager.

Jim’s journey in the fast-paced realm of motorsports has seen him working extensively in IndyCar, where he has honed his skills as a crew chief. His strong connections within the racing world extend to the SRO community, where he has built valuable friendships with top-ranked individuals.

In his illustrious career, Jim has become a cornerstone in a small community of elite professionals, contributing his wealth of knowledge to elevate racing teams to new heights. Despite facing challenges in finding engineers and mechanics at the moment, Jim remains undeterred and is actively seeking talented individuals to join the ranks as full-timers.

Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Jim is strategically positioned for work not only in his hometown but also in the racing hub of Indianapolis and throughout the United States. His extensive background encompasses diverse experiences in NASCAR, IMSA, and various other racing circuits, reflecting his versatility and adaptability.

Jim Locke welcomes the opportunity for outsiders to join the dynamic world of motorsports, bringing fresh perspectives and skills to contribute to the success of racing teams. Whether it’s race recovery, race prep maintenance, or serving as a spotter, Jim’s commitment to excellence shines through in every role he undertakes. As someone who has dedicated over two decades to working on cars, Jim Locke is a valuable asset to any racing team looking to enhance their performance and competitiveness on the track.