Jesse Coleman

MechanicSpotterTrack-side Support

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New Mexico, USA

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Jesse Coleman is a seasoned professional in the motorsports industry, specializing in mechanic work, trackside support, and spotter duties. With an impressive background, Jesse boasts 5 years of experience with an IndyCar team, followed by years with a Gtt team. He has also delved into the world of drag racing, contributing his skills during its heyday in the 80s.

Jesse’s journey began in his late 20s when he worked with Skip Barber, coinciding with their transition to Penske. His dedication and expertise were further honed during his time in the Marine Corps, demonstrating discipline and precision. Currently located in New Mexico, Jesse Coleman is on the lookout for exciting opportunities to contribute his wealth of knowledge and skills at the track. With a passion deeply rooted in motorsports and a diverse background, Jesse is a valuable asset for any team or project in the racing world.