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Available Any Day of the Week.

$300 - $1,500 / Day

Maryland, USA

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Grip offers exclusive, private event options—without having to worry about the logistics.

Sign up for a private Grip event today. Space is limited, by design.

Grip offers all-inclusive, private track days and other exclusive events. Therefore, we limit the number of registrations and have eligibility requirements to participate in our events.


Grip’s founders (Omar and Steve) are supercar owners, enthusiasts, and adrenaline junkies themselves. Even though they own their other businesses, they wanted to create something that revolved around their mutual hobby. They are both recognizable figures within the local car community and often attend events to meet and greet like-minded enthusiasts.

They wanted to create elevated, private, luxury all-inclusive events for fellow luxury car owners that they themselves would want to attend. They have assembled a unique team to thoughtfully create exclusive, tailored events—where the logistics like lodging, food & beverage, entertainment, and scheduling are all taken care of.

If you or your organization would like our team to create a custom event for you, please contact us.