Glen Christian

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New Jersey, USA

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Glen Christian is a seasoned mechanic with a lifelong passion for motorsports. Having immersed himself in the world of racing since a young age, Glen brings a wealth of experience to the table. From working on cars for arrive-and-drive events to participating in track days and supporting teams in various races, his dedication to the craft is evident.

Despite taking a hiatus due to family commitments, Glen’s love for motorsports has never waned. Now, as a father, he’s eager to dive back into the racing scene and pursue new opportunities to further his career. Hailing from the Northeast, specifically residing in New Jersey, Glen’s expertise spans from Virginia to New Hampshire.

With a willingness to donate his services initially to gain traction in the industry, Glen is determined to carve out a successful path for himself once again. His combination of hands-on experience, trackside knowledge, and unwavering passion make him a valuable asset to any racing team or organization in need of a dedicated mechanic with a proven track record.