Genaro Vavuris

Genaro Vavuris is a corporate photographer based in San Francisco, CA.  From his first experience in the darkroom, Genaro was transfixed by the possibilities of a developing print, and knew that creating compelling images would be his lifelong passion. Classically trained, Genaro brings artistic vision and a unique perspective to each and every assignment. His distinctive style has found great appeal with designers, art directors, and marketing professionals in a wide variety of settings.

Genaro has served as in-house photographer for Bechtel Corporation since 1995, one of the world’s leading construction and engineering firms.  In 2005, he opened his own commercial studio, and today serves a national and international clientele. He is equally comfortable in the outdoors, in the Corporate Boardroom and on the factory floor.

Genaro’s expertise and versatility allow him to problem-solve and create enlivening images. He approaches every project with the highest standards of photographic excellence and business professionalism—always with the goal of exceeding customer expectations and safety.


Available on the Weekends.

$700 - $1,200 / Day

San Francisco, CA

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