E. Trevor McLean, COG Racing

HPDE Instructor

Available on the Weekends


Manassas, Virginia

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My goal is to help you develop and improve as a driver, no matter if you are doing this for the first time or an advanced driver looking for some more speed. Topics I can help you with include your cornering speeds, consistency, racecraft, and interpretation of what the car is “telling you.” We will start with me getting to know you, your strengths and weaknesses, and what your goals are. We’ll work together to develop a plan and then work to get you results on the track.

Because every driver is different and your goals are likely different from the next driver, each plan is custom built for you and you can choose which options you want (e.g. you may or may not want the written follow up report)

Fee is for Instruction/Coaching services only – you must provide your own car, safety equipment, and track location/access. Service includes pre-instruction interview and preparation, paddock instruction, and in-car instruction for half day for individual (usually at least 2 in-car sessions); groups up to 4 include the above but the length of on-site instruction is increased to ensure sufficient in-car sessions. Lead-follow with radio comms is also available an additional fee.

HPDE MSF Level 2 Instructor/Driver Coach.