David Price

MechanicRace Preparation/MaintenanceTrack-side Support

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Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, USA

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Meet David Price, a seasoned automotive professional with over two decades of hands-on experience in the world of race cars. Based in Mechanicsburg, PA, David is a reliable general mechanic specializing in race preparation and maintenance, and trackside support.

Having dedicated 20 years to working on race cars, David brings a wealth of expertise to the table. While he may have taken a brief hiatus from the automotive scene, his passion for cars has not waned. Now, he’s eager to dive back into the field, offering his skills as a general mechanic with a keen interest in track-related work.

David’s commitment to excellence and in-depth knowledge of race car mechanics make him a valuable asset for anyone seeking reliable maintenance and trackside support. Whether you’re preparing for a race or need on-the-spot assistance at the track, David Price is ready to bring his wealth of experience and hands-on skills to ensure your racing endeavors run smoothly.