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New York, USA

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Welcome to Clutchfoto, your dedicated photography partner based in the heart of Central New York State. We specialize in capturing the adrenaline-fueled excitement of track days, the sleek beauty of high-performance cars, and the camaraderie of club events across the vibrant landscape of the Northeast.

Immerse yourself in the world of motorsport through Clutchfoto’s lens, where we showcase a captivating collection of images that capture the essence of each event. Our extensive image gallery boasts a visual symphony of roaring engines, dynamic racing maneuvers, and the sheer beauty of high-performance automobiles. From the intense competition on the track to the moments of camaraderie off it, our photographs tell a comprehensive story that goes beyond the ordinary.

As you explore our gallery, you’ll witness a diverse array of stunning visuals that vividly portray the spirit of each event. Take a virtual stroll through our meticulously curated collection, where every photograph is a testament to the passion and energy that define the world of motorsports.