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$500-$1400/TBD Upon job

Berkhaven, Georgia, USA

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CipherGlass Media is a dynamic multimedia provider specializing in photography and videography services. With a strong background in automotive photography, our experienced team is well-versed in capturing the essence of Track Days, races, and other high-energy events. Born in Miami and raised in Atlanta, CipherGlass Media’s founder has embarked on a unique journey that spans diverse industries, including college, the U.S. Air Force, aircraft hangars, and animal rescue, ultimately finding a passion for photography.

Our network of skilled videographers enhances our capabilities, allowing us to offer a comprehensive range of multimedia services. Whether you’re looking for striking images of fast-paced races or engaging videos that bring events to life, CipherGlass Media is dedicated to delivering high-quality content tailored to your needs. Join us on this extraordinary visual journey, where passion meets professionalism, and every frame tells a story.