Caleb Denny

MechanicRace Preparation/Maintenance

Weekday nights after 7pm - Weekends - sat after 6 and all day sunday


Texas, USA

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Caleb Denny is a highly experienced automotive professional with a solid four-year background working in dealerships, specializing in mechanics, performance enhancement, and race preparation/maintenance. Based in the dynamic state of Texas, Caleb is a reliable service provider known for his precision and dedication.

Available to assist customers during nights after 7 pm and on weekends, Caleb’s flexibility is designed to accommodate your schedule. Specifically, he is available on Saturdays after 6 pm and remains accessible all day on Sundays.

Caleb Denny not only brings technical expertise to the table but also a genuine passion for the automotive world. Whether you need routine maintenance, performance enhancements, or race preparation, Caleb is the trusted professional in Texas to meet your automotive needs with skill and enthusiasm.