Bob Earl

HPDE Instructor

Available Any Day of the Week.

$300 - $1,500 / Day

California, USA

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During my 45 year career as a Road Racing Driver and Instructor I have gained years of experience with many teams, cars and people. I have always gotten a special reward out of teaching all aspects to the art of race driving. I am located in Northern California but can travel where needed.

Driver, Team Coaching:
All aspects of becoming a more complete Driver. Concentrating on driving style, a drivers mental approach, becoming a valuable test driver and thought process for a race weekend. Driver/Crew communications are highly stressed. Also training on the use of Data Acquisition products if applicable. Done at the track of your choice.

Now offering online Race Driver Coaching through Zoom, one on one or group discussions.

Some of the other vintage cars I have tested over the years: Lola 212, 292, 294, 297, T70, Chevron B21, B23, Ralt RT1, Corvette Grandsport, Alfa Tipo33, Ferrari 312PB, Ferrari 312 B3 F1, Shadow DN8 F1Ferrari Lusso, Ferrari 275 GTB, Lotus 23, March 722, Lister Chevy, 1973 Porsche RSR, Ferrari 512M and 512S plus more current cars: Ferrari Challenge 458, Dellara Judd LMP1, Caterham SP300R and Norma P1, etc.

Speaking Engagements On Race Driving and Car Setup:
I will discuss all aspects of becoming a more professional driver including, driving technique, mental approach, strategy,physical conditioning, test driving and car setup. How do the pros do it?

Health and Conditioning :
I have used many natural products for my health and conditioning over the years but eating a more Alkaline diet and raising my PH Has been very beneficial. . Click here to visit

I am available as a expert witness or for depositions in auto related litigation. I have experience with accident analysis through driver and vehicle performance. Having taught anti-terrorist, anti-kidnapping tactics there is not much I have not seen. Please call the voice number to inquire.