Antoine Brewster

Race Preparation/MaintenanceSimulator TrainingSpotter

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Daytona, Florida, USA

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Antoine Brewster is a highly skilled and experienced sim racing instructor, specializing in race preparation and maintenance, as well as serving as a spotter. With a substantial following across the globe as a social media influencer in the field of sim racing, Antoine is a prominent figure in the world of motorsports. His live streaming activities further showcase his passion and expertise in the virtual racing realm.

Based in the heart of motorsports culture in Daytona, FL, Antoine is not only looking to excel in the virtual world but is also eager to transition his skills to the actual track. His unique combination of sim racing proficiency, social media influence, and motorsports expertise makes him a one-of-a-kind professional ready to contribute to the racing community in various capacities. Whether it’s providing on-track instruction, assisting with race preparation, or offering his spotting skills, Antoine Brewster is ready to bring his talents to the real-world racing scene.