Anthony James

MechanicRace InternRace Preparation/MaintenanceSpotterTrack-side Support

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Broomfield, Colorado, USA

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Meet Anthony James, a seasoned motorcycle enthusiast and skilled mechanic based in Broomfield, CO. With a wealth of experience in the world of motorcycles, Anthony has been riding and racing these thrilling machines throughout his entire life. Currently in his 60s, Anthony recently underwent surgery but is in the process of recovering.

As a versatile professional, Anthony wears multiple hats in the motorcycle industry. He is not only a proficient mechanic specializing in motorcycle race preparation and maintenance, but he also provides trackside support for fellow riders. Holding a Class B P2 driver license, Anthony is equipped for transport logistics, ensuring that bikes and equipment reach their destinations safely and on time.

Despite his recent surgery, Anthony remains dedicated to his craft. He takes pride in performing maintenance work on his own bikes, showcasing his hands-on expertise and commitment to the world of motorcycles. Anthony’s passion extends beyond his workshop, as he actively participates in races and events, contributing his skills and knowledge to the industry.

With a background as a race intern and spotter, Anthony is well-versed in the dynamics of motorcycle racing. His keen insights and understanding of the sport make him a valuable asset to any racing team or enthusiast seeking support.

Whether it’s revving engines in the workshop, transporting bikes, or providing on-site assistance during races, Anthony James is a name synonymous with dedication, experience, and a lifelong love for motorcycles.