Anselmo Casanova

Race Preparation/MaintenanceSpotterTrack-side Support

Available any day of the week with 2 weeks notice.


Woodbridge, Virginia, USA

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Anselmo Casanova, residing in Woodbridge, VA, is not merely an automotive enthusiast but a dedicated supporter of the racing community. His specialization in trackside support, race preparation, and spotting is driven by a profound passion for the world of racing. Beyond the thrill of the track, Anselmo stands out for his genuine desire to actively contribute and be a valuable helper in the racing environment.

With a commitment to fostering a positive and collaborative atmosphere within the racing community, Anselmo brings not only his skills but also an eagerness to assist in any capacity. Whether it’s providing trackside support, fine-tuning race preparations, or serving as a reliable spotter, Anselmo’s dedication is reflected in his desire to enhance the overall racing experience. Located in Woodbridge, VA, he is strategically positioned as a central figure ready to immerse himself in the dynamic world of racing, offering his expertise and unwavering passion to elevate every aspect of the racing endeavor.