Andrew Nicholas

Race InternRace Preparation/MaintenanceSpotter

Available Upon Request with Notice

TBD Upon Services/Volunteer

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

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Andrew Nicholas is an enthusiastic individual with a passion for the world of racing. Although he may not have prior track experience, Andrew is eager to dive into the dynamic environment of motorsports. Based in Phoenix, AZ, he is actively seeking opportunities to contribute to the racing community in various roles.

Andrew is open to taking on responsibilities such as setting up cones, being part of the fire crew for safety measures, acting as a spotter during races, and assisting with race preparation and maintenance. His willingness to learn and dedication to local tracks make him a valuable asset for any racing event or team in the Phoenix area.

If you have opportunities related to race internships, spotting, or race preparation/maintenance, Andrew Nicholas is ready to bring his enthusiasm and commitment to the exciting world of racing in Phoenix.